NS Acrobalance


Goran Nišić

The man with the brightest smile. No task is un-handleable for the man who is the definition of team spirit. With a built in gimbal in his hands no perfect shot slips his eyes.  

Jelena Kikić

A designer with a taste for flying. With previous experience in ballet and dancing, partner acrobatics are the perfect way of adding more dynamics in everyday life. 

Nenad Savković

Master of many trades. With previous experience in basketball and ice-skating. Switching the ball with a flyer turned out to be the perfect way to join these sports into one. 

How it all began

Late night scrolling can lead you to all kinds of things and that is how we discovered the world acro yoga and partner acrobatics way back during the winter of 2016. After working together and slowly discovering all the tricks of the trade we decided to create NS Acrobalance in October 2017 with the goal of spreading interest in this activity and creating a gathering point for the acro community in our region. 

Benefits of acrobalance

It’s a way of working out without the moment where you have to do numerous repeats of the same exercise to develop a certain group of muscles. Acrobalance is an activity where you develop muscles you didn’t even know you had and gaining both strength and flexibility while, as one of the most important thing, having fun. You will learn how to work as a part of a team and understand that if you want to succeed you have to help others achieve success with you. It will help develop skill such as stability, strength and the ability not only to listen to other but actually hear them which will help not only in your physical and mental strength but also in your everyday life.  

Why we decided to teach

You know the feeling when you love something so much you want to share it with the entire world, well that was our biggest motivation to learn not only how to do acro but also teach it and explain it in way that is comprehensible to everyone while being fun. We wanted everyone who comes to learn from us to leave with a positive mind set and a feeling of victory for that day. Our goal is not only to teach our students but also for them to develop a desire to be better and advance in their knowledge and skill. 

What's in it for you

We all know the positive effect that physical activity has on you health so we won’t bug you about that. But we also know the positive effect having fun has on your brain. What we guarantee to all our students is a smile on your face during the entire class and an active body to follow it. But lets try to name all that’s in it for you. 



You will develop muscles you didn’t even know existed. By working in a team you will activate stabilizer muscles to keep all the constructions we make in balance. Say goodbye to tripping and falling. 


Core strength

In order for a construction to stand it’s core needs to be stable. By doing acro your core muscles will be active all the time resulting in a body as stiff as a rock. 


Upper and lower body strenght

Now let’s get those constructions on the move. By doing different types of transitions through acro poses you will activate both you arms and legs to create all kinds of beautiful and dinamic shapes. 



Nothing better than putting you upside down in space to put those coordination skills to the test. If you ever wondered how Spidermans spider-senses worked come test it with us. 


Social skills

One of our main goals is to develop a sense of team work between out students, as we always say in order for one to succeed, all must work together and give their best.  


New community

By developing all the skills we mentioned above you will become a part of a new community centred around the idea of having fun in a healthy and supportive environment.  

Still not sure?

We believe there is no better proof than what you see with your own eyes. So if you are still questioning whether this is for you, we’re sure that the expressions on these faces say more than enough. 

So if we managed to tickle you brain you’re welcome to join us at our next workshop or find out more about NS Acrobalance at our Facebook or Instagram.

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