Want to discover more about our classes?

Want to discover more about our meberships?


Regular acro yoga and partner acrobatics classes happen 3 times a week in Novi Sad, Serbia. We practice in a safe surrounding with professional equipment that provides perfect conditions for our students to learn and have fun. Our programme consists of basic elements leading all to way to complex acrobatic skills such as whips, pops, h2h elements and standing  acrobatics. So no matter if you are a complete beginner or have some previous experience we will adjust your training depending on your current level. Our classes last 90 minutes and during that time we stick to a schedule we designed so that we take advantage of all the energy we have and cover all the elements we had in plan for each class. 


What does a class look like

Acro yoga class schedule


We offer different types of memberships for regular acro yoga classes so you have maximum usage with the package that you chose. By joining us you will get your own personal membership card where we will mark the number of classes you attended and your personal progress. 

What's your membership type?

Acro yoga membership cards

In our “Basic Joe” membership you will get 5 classes that you can use within the period of one month from your first class. You will be able to choose if you want to train one, two or three times a week.

If you feel 5 is not enough with our “In it to win it” membership you will get 10 classes that you spread within the period of 2 months from your first class.

If you’re just passing through our town and wish to join us in one of our classes we offer the opportunity to take just one class without any long term obligations.

As well as group classes we offer individual classes where we work in groups with maximum 4 students.

If you can’t fit with any of the membership we offer feel free to contact us so we can tailor you a custom plan. 

Every month we organize beginner workshops for everyone who wants to test the waters of the world of acro yoga and partner acrobatics. For more info go to our Event&Workshops page.

Still not sure?

We believe there is no better proof than what you see with your own eyes. So if you are still questioning whether this is for you, we’re sure that the expressions on these faces say more than enough. 

So if we managed to tickle you brain you’re welcome to join us at our next workshop or visit our Facebook or Instagram for more info. 

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NS Acrobalance provides acrobatics workshops for beginner and intermediate levels, festival and special occasion performances as well as healthy lifestyle product promotion. Have a great idea?